5 Crore Scholarship-2079

+2 Science, Management, Law, Humanities, Education

Win up to 100% scholarship at various top plus two schools across Nepal by attending online tests.

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About 5 Crores Scholarship Program

Virtual Edufair Nepal is a unique platform where a number of competitive events will be held to provide 5 crore worth scholarship in the field of science, management, law, humanities and education studies in grade XI and XII. Students, currently studying at grade ten are eligible to apply for 5 Crore Scholarship through Online Test and Talent Hunt Competition.

Students, who have registered their name, will be allowed to take a scholarship test and talent hunt competition, and the best performers will be awarded the full scholarship to study in grades eleven and twelve at reputed schools/colleges of the Kathmandu Valley and beyond it. The five crore worth scholarship, which is the largest scholarship scheme in Nepal, is really a phenomenal achievement for the SEE graduates.

As we have been involved in the academic arena of Nepal for more than two decades, we have gauged temperament of students and educational institutions well. Many students in lack of the proper counseling have not been found exploring their potential through the appropriate institutions and lagging behind to achieve quality of life. Considering the situation and to ease the students explore their dream and materialize it for betterment of their life, Virtual Edufair Nepal has facilitated the students by providing up to 100% scholarship, which, we feel, is our social responsibility.

Virtual Edufair Nepal has aimed to benefit more than 2000 students ranging from school to college level throughout the year. This scholarship supports the students who are luminous but financially backward, geographically disadvantaged, and marginalized groups. Scholarship recipient students will be chosen through online scholarship test and talent hunt competition. For this, students need to register, attend online test and participate in talent hunt contest in virtualedufairnepal.com.

Online Test

Those students who have already registered their name for scholarsip are allowed to take the online test. The online test is of Multiple Choice Questions. The test will include questions from English, General Knowledge, Sciecne, Mathematics and logical thinking according to the streams-Science, Management, Law, Humanities and Education. This is an exhilirating opportunity to compete in 5 crore scholarship schemes.

After applying for 5 crore scholarship, students can sit for the online exam immediately at any time in twenty four hours as students’ wish. The scholarship exam from 20th Ashadh, 2078 and continues until the SEE result announces. Test results will be announced within five days of the SEE result, and notice and email will be sent to respective students for scholarship wins.

Talent Hunt Competition

Virtual Edufair Nepal will provide full schoalrships to those students who have been outstanding performers in quiz, public speaking, essay writing, poem recitation, quiz, and ticktok competitions. Needless to say, the SEE result awaiting students or SEE graduates can participate in the competition.

Such type of competitions in present context will bebenefit the students to engage and enhance their skills and knowledge through the platform of Virtual Edufair Nepal.

How to get Scholarship?

There are certain procedures to get scholarship. First of all students need to login virtualedufairnepal.com and apply for scholarship. Clearly mention the stream and discipline while submitting the application form. Students will get informed about the online scholarship test link. They require to give the online test on the stipulated date and time. Study Scholarship will be provided to them on the basis of online test result, and interview.

Students’ Eligibility and Syllabus for Examination

SEE Appeared students or SEE graduates are eligible for plus-two-level scholarship test. The exam will be held on the format of the concerned plus two colleges. The examination pattern will include 50% written, 30% from SEE grades sheet, and 20% from interview. The full marks for the scholarship test will be 100.

Do students need to take entrance exam of the concerning after taking Scholarship Test?

They need to take the entrance examination of the concerned plus two colleges though they have taken the Scholarship Test. Students themselves need to fulfill the standards and criteria set by the college. They have to pass the entrance exam taken by the college at least for claiming the scholarship.


Virtual Edufair Nepal will contact participants for the validation and verification process. Apart from performance in the test or competition, other criteria like SEE results, interviews, etc. are to be considered for gaurantting the scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to apply for 5 crore-scholarship scheme, first, you need to fill up an online form and register your name. And then you can participate in the online scholarship exam.

Those students who are waiting for SEE results or are SEE graduates, can apply for 5 Crore Scholarship to pursue their higher education (Science, Management, Law, Arts and Humanities, Education) in Grade 11.

You can apply from Ashadh month (this is the right time to apply).

You will get abundant opportunities to study in ten-plus-two programs: Science, Management, Humanities, Law and Education at free of cost if you have secured eligible marks via online scholarship test conducted by the organizer, Virtual Edufair, Nepal.

Yes, you can use a smartphone to take the test. But it’s advised that you use a laptop or desktop computer while taking the online scholarship test for convenience.

Yes, you can take the test for all streams and choose the best stream you are intending to pursue after being eligible for the scholarship.

No, you are allowed to take the test once only.

We will publish notice on our official Facebook page of Virtual Edufair, Nepal . You will get telephoned or messaged.


You can contact us via facebook/messenger pages or directly contact with our representative if you need any support.