Aakash Deep College

Gokarneshwor-7,Dakshin Dhoka, Kathmandu



Dear parents, guardians, students and all,I feel extremely honored and overwhelmed to share my views with you as a principal of Aakash Deep English Secondary School and Aakash Deep College  about what the school is, what the school aspires for and how we have planned to meet our aspirations.

 Aakash Deep School believes that every child is gifted with special talents, albeit those talents are in a dormant form. Therefore, the role of the school is to activate and bring out the talents and to discover the genius in every individual student through creating supportive and inclusive environment. The scho... See More

Gokarneshwor-7,Dakshin Dhoka , Kathmandu

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About College



 Promote individual talents and maximize each student’s potential.



In active partnership with families and the community, we will foster personal development, intellectual 

growth, and prepare each student to contribute and succeed as a productive and responsible global citizen. 



  • Personalisation: We will develop the whole child by recognizing the uniqueness of each student as a scholar, citizen, athlete, and community member.
  • Learning Experiences: We will create and support a collaborative learning climate and culture of continuous improvement and professional learning.
  • Communication: We will reinforce via staff, parents, students, and community members a collaborative and clear communication plain including norms and expectations via all forms of communication.

Core Values

  • Respect: We believe in creating a safe, secure learning environment where respect, honesty, and appreciation of individual differences are fostered.
  • Collaboration: We believe cultivating and maintaining partnerships that is essential to every students in their future career.
  • High Expectations: We believe maintaining rigorous standards and high expectations for all students as the key to academic excellence and lifelong learning.
  • Responsibility: We believe that motivating students to become independent learners leads to taking responsibility for their own learning.
  • Equity: We believe in providing all students with a balanced curriculum aligned with quality instruction.
  • Pride: We believe in instilling a sense of pride in our schools and community.


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