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About Virtual Edufair -2023

Virtual Edufair Nepal is the largest and finest virtual fair on studying in Nepal which is organized by College Readers (Readers Point Pvt. Ltd.), the top-notch educational magazine of Nepal in collaboration with HISSAN Kathmandu and in support with various organizations and educational institutions of Nepal.

After successfully organizing first and second virtual edufair, we are set to introduce 7th Virtual Edufair-2023 targeting SEE graduates to pursue +2, A-Level, Technical, Health or IBM courses at the reputed colleges in Nepal.

Virtual Edufair Nepal has aimed at facilitating the students in terms of getting an appropriate career guide and finding top-notch colleges of their choice while remaining at their home. It will prove more beneficial to the colleges as they cannot conduct their academic activities in their college premises or outside now because of COVID 19 pandemic. This event will be a good platform for them to showcase their distinct features among students and guardians and to disseminate the information to their prospective students.

Why attending Virtual Edufair-2021?

As the entire globe has been marred by Corona Virus pandemic, real place visit and interaction cannot be done. Considering this pandemic situation, College Readers, with support of ten-plus- two schools/colleges throughout Nepal, launched Virtual Edufair-2020 (virtualedufairnepal.com) that has proved the best meeting point among students, colleges, parents and the stakeholders to get appropriate information before selecting any relevant institution. After getting huge successful in conducting virtual edufair-2020, 2nd Virtual Edufair-2021 and Nepal School Mela-2021, it has encouraged us to launch 7th Virtual Edufair-2023 again, focusing SEE result awaiting students.

College Profile, Virtual Tour, Photos, Videos, and amenities of most of the reputed colleges have been incorporated along with live interaction in the website of 7th Virtual Edufair-2023 (www.virtualedufairnepal.com).

More than 16 years of involvement in Nepalese Schools/Colleges and Universities, and serving students, parents and the stakeholders through various academic events, College Readers has gained the strength and expertise to launch this virtual fair, which has been most relevant during this situation. Our first and second initiative-Virtual Edufair has been approved and acknowledged by the successful result, which encourages us to conduct 7th Virtual Edufair-2023.

The fair is aimed at helping thousands of students and guardians and hundreds of colleges to directly interact with each other and find the customized right fit for both. The concept of Virtual Edufair is new to the world of education in Nepal and is path-breaking in the way education will be imparted as well.

Students and parents will get an opportunity to interact directly with college authorities and get all their doubts cleared and interact one-on-one with the Admission Officers through online communications and phone calls. All they need is a Cell phone or a Laptop with an internet connection. This event can be participated without any financial burden. It is absolutely FREE.

As we have been involved in the academic arena of Nepal for more than two decades, we have gauged temperament of students and educational institutions well. Many students in lack of the proper counseling have not been found exploring their potential through the appropriate institutions and lagging behind to achieve quality of life.

  • To ease and facilitate the valued parents and guardians getting true information of almost all top ranked colleges for their wards’ further education from one outlet i.e. virtual platform.
  • The change in the modus operandi of college search physically because of the Covid-19 and paradigm shift in education fair.
  • College Readers having more than a decade long contribution in education promotion and successful conduction of three virtual Edufairs and Nepal School Mela
  • Outreach to more than 200 top ranked colleges throughout Nepal.
  • Online and direct interaction with the concerned college officials and experts.
  • Time and resource saving.
  • Benefit to all the stakeholders.


Virtualedufairnepal.com is a platform which facilitates students, parents and educational institutions to reach the concerned ones and get the required information while remaining at home and connected to internet through their communicating gazettes. Students can visit the schools virtually after logging in nepalschoolmela.com and get information of the fair participated schools. They can virtually visit the institution and get first-hand information about the college infrastructure, amenities including the college ground, premises, labs, libraries, classrooms, cafeterias, halls, and offices.

Interaction with school representatives, career counselors and experts of various disciplines through live webinar and online communications benefits the students and schools to pursue their further studies as their choice.

Moreover, schools can best utilize this platform to promote, advertise and showcase their academic performances, which will benefit both students and schools.

Nepalschoolmela.com conducts education fair on the basis of contexts and needs of colleges and students.

Objectives of 7th Virtual Edufair-2023?

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has changed the global scenario, and education sector is not an exception. This has challenged the existing ways of promotion and interaction among students and obliged us to rely more on digital and virtual means and resources.

To ease the students, guardians and colleges, the 3rd Virtual Edufair- 2021 has been launched.

This fair has aimed to achieve these objectives:

  • To assist the students, guardians in finding the best college of their choice from home
  • To save time, money and other resources
  • To abstain from possible infection of corona virus
  • To help colleges get prospective students and facilitate interaction
  • To provide schools with an access to myriads of students in one place
  • To be familiar of using digitalized means and promote colleges

Features of 7th Virtual Edufair-2023? Virtual Tour

Through a virtual tour, students can watch the 360° image of schools of their choice while remaining at home. Virtual Tour includes a sequence of videos or still images and other multi-media elements like sound, music and text.

Colleges can share their promotional contents and respond to the students/parents’ queries.

College Profile

College Profile incorporates the features of college in e-brochure; that includes introduction, message of the officials, school activities, faculty members, amenities, galleries, examination support materials, etc.

Live Chat with College Representatives

The visitors will have an opportunity to interact with college officials, faculty members and career counselors in this platform during the exhibition period. The stipulated faculty members, counselors and experts will be updated time to time with the instruction from the respective schools/colleges. The visitors can chat through messenger, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, skippy or direct cell number of concerned college representatives. The respective officials, counselors, faculty members or experts respond to them immediately.

College Live Webinar

Students or parents can participate in the ‘College Live Webinar’ where admission process, scholarship scheme, college facilities, etc. will be explained. Aspiring participants will have to be registered prior to the webinar time schedule and acquire the Meeting ID and pass codes.

Live Webinars with Experts and Celebrities

The visitors can participate in the ‘Live Webinars’ with experts and celebrities on current academic trends, socio-cultural and economic prospects. Aspiring participants will have to be registered prior to the webinar time schedule and acquire the Meeting ID and pass codes. As this session is always live through the facebook page of Virtual Edufair Nepal, more and more students will be benefited.

2 Crores Scholarship

Virtual Edufair Nepal is a unique platform where a number of competitive events will be held to provide 2 crore worth scholarship in the field of science, management, law, humanities and education studies in grade XI and XII. Students, currently studying at grade ten are eligible to apply for 2 Crore Scholarship through Online Test and Talent Hunt Competition. Best performers will be awarded the full scholarship to study in grades eleven and twelve of reputed schools/colleges from the Kathmandu Valley and out of the valley. Two crores worth scholarship which is the largest scholarship scheme in Nepal is really a marvelous achievement to the SEE graduates

Students Competitions

Virtual Edufair Nepal will provide full scholarships to students who have been outstanding performers in Public Speaking, Essay Writing, Poem Recitation and Quiz, Contest. SEE students are eligible for the competition.

Such type of competition in present context will benefit the students to engage and enhance their skills and knowledge through the platform of Virtual Edufair Nepal.

Online Exam

Those students who have already registered their name for scholarship are allowed to take the online exam. The online test is of Multiple-Choice Questions. The test will include questions from English, General Knowledge, Science, Mathematics and logical thinking according to the streams-Science, Management, Law, Humanities and Education. This is an exhilarating opportunity to compete in 2 crore scholarship schemes. Virtual Edufair Nepal will conduct an online Test at a fixed date and time. (The candidates will be informed later)

Pre-admission Form Submission

The students can register and secure their admission to desired college by submitting the pre-admission form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Students may pose any type of questions regarding their further studies and the respective college. The college has kept a sub-heading, comprising the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their answers.

Benefits to Colleges

For all sponsors this school mela will provide a platform not only to promote their schools during the exhibition period of one month but also continue for one complete year on its

portal. Educational institutions can achieve the following benefits:

  • Promoting platform to targeted SEE students
  • Virtual Tour of school (3600) that impacts on visitors
  • Increase foot traffic on school webpage
  • Visible presence of colleges nationwide and worldwide
  • Easy access to all visitors in virtual school mela
  • Good opportunity to enter the market with digital media
  • Get details of the prospective students
  • Get meritorious students to enroll in their school
  • Get information of all students who enter their details on our website
  • Connect with the visitors via social media if they agree to it
  • Pre-admission Form Submission
  • FAQ-Frequent Asked Questions
  • Live Question Answer Session with School Officials
  • School Details, Gallery, Videos, Articles, Interviews, Entrance Model Questions, PDF documents, etc.
  • Webinar Sessions with Experts and Celebrities
  • A year virtual presence on the internet without any hassle
  • About ten lakhs visitors participate in the virtual edufair

Benefits to Students

It is obvious that students get authentic information about the colleges through this virtualedufairnepal.com. Besides that, they will get scholarship to study at plus-2 colleges ranging up to 100 percent. They will also be benefited various prizes and awards on the basis of their performance in online academic events.

Students will avail the following features through this virtual edufair.

  • Virtual Visit facility
  • Time Saving
  • Live interaction with college officials
  • Choose the college of their choice from home
  • Scholarship and Talent Show Opportunity
  • Opportunity to attend webinar facilitated by experts and celebrities
  • Know to utilize online, digital and virtual platforms

Don’t Miss

Whether you are a student looking to enroll in +2 or A-Level, or IBM, or Technical or Health courses, this is an education fair you should never miss. You are lucky you can look into pool of colleges available in seven provinces, all under one roof.

Virtual Edufair Oranizing Team