Ankuram Academy

Terasal Chowk , Chitwan

Terasal Chowk , Chitwan


About College

We offer the World-Class Education in Chitwan.

Ankuram Academy is a place where students learn to achieve all their educational goals and aspirations away from family. Having unique features and services offered, we stand to be genuine among all the boarding Schools in the context of Chitwan. As we offer the world class education in Chitwan, the best advice we can hand over you is trusting your instincts and follow your intuition. We help students to develop 21 st Century skills- positive attitude, critical thinking and communication that are essential to succeed in life. Besides, we provide our students holistic education in a caring, life and supportive environment that tastes positive attitudes to learning. Most importantly, we focus on holistic education approach, ensure equality among students, offer well balanced co-curricular activities and help in all round personality development.

  • We focus on Holistic Education Approach
  • We Ensure Equality Among Students
  • We offer Well Balanced Co-curricular Activities
  • We Help in All Round Personality Development

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