Everest Academy

Attariaya, Kailali

Dhruba Raj Bhattarai


Dear Guardians,
We envision nurturing the students of our school as learners, inculcating values and arming them with the necessary skills that will help them make the nation proud. The school management team and all family members are endeavoring to bring together a great learning community. We strive to build independent, responsible, global citizens through a widely accepted curriculum and practices that are founded on learner-centric education. Therefore, the school will impart world class education through the best use of modern resources, developing young minds to think, question and create.
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Everest Academy is a center for love and passion for education. When you enter the premises of the school, you can feel the energy and the excitement that can only exist where there is a high degree of motivation and commitment. The school has a safe environment like a second home. Every student is considered to be special as our educational strategies are guided by the multiple intelligence theory. That is why; students are encouraged to make
use of all the opportunities as per their intelligence.
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Attariaya , Kailali



About College

Everest Academy (EA) is one of the leading educational private institutions of Far West Province, Nepal located in the capital city Attariya of Godawari Municipality-1, Kailali distircit. It is a day school imparting English medium education from playgroup to plus two (+2) level.
Everest Academy was established in 2062 BS with a view to shape a unique education culture within the society. The school was founded by a group of competent and highly motivated youths and educational professionals. The founders are committed to bringing about academic excellence by providing the students with world class education in Nepalese atmosphere.
EA provides quality education from early years till high school. It focuses on nurturing the individual holistically by implanting in them, a balanced approach towards life. Consistent with our national values, we seek to develop the hidden potentials to excel and persevere in meeting the challenges they encounter in each steps of life by mentoring them academically and to make them morally spirited and dynamic global citizens.

Everest Academy prepares students with the promise to enhance their intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual and artistic growth so that they may realize their power for noble as citizens of Nepal.
1.    Cleanliness
2.    Compassion
3.    Commitment
4.    Determination
5.    Honesty
6.    Integrity
7.    Perseverance
8.    Respect
9.    Responsibility
10.    Self-Discipline
11.    Teamwork
12.    Trust

•    To provide a safe, secure and conducive environment in which each child can dare to dream, enjoy learning, achieve excellence and become a lifelong learner.
•    To offer educational programs that support children’s academic, physical, social, emotional and moral development.
•    To inculcate in children, the values of compassion, empathy and respect towards others and the environment.
•    To help children develop into principled, reflective and self-directed learners.
•    To encourage children to develop the qualities of self-discipline, positive self-image, teamwork, spirit of adventure and leadership.
•    To make children aware and appreciative of their history, culture and traditions, whilst being open to other cultures and alternative views of the world.
•    To provide learning opportunities and activities which appeal to children’s multiple intelligences and which help develop in them a diversity of perspectives and skills. 
•    To foster international mindedness through a local and global dimension in the curriculum, as well as interactions and exchange programs with organizations and institutions around the world. 
•    To provide state-of-the-art facilities, technologies and infrastructure to optimize teaching and learning outcomes.

The School have a library with different types of books.
School Bus Service
Everest Academy provides safe and reliable transportation services to the students across the Godawari Municipality, transporting more than 300 students daily.
The school canteen caters to hygienic and nutritious food on daily payment and monthly basis.
Remedy and Coaching Classes
The school also offers remedy classes for the poor students in additional time. It also arranges coaching classes for the preparation of BLE, SEE and +2 examination for the better result.
Science Laboratories
The school has adequate facilities of science laboratory for the practical work of Physics, Chemistry and Biology which encourages students to learn through experiments and research.
Language Laboratories
The school has a modern language laboratory for English and Nepali languages. The laboratory has many audio and video equipment. High-speed internet facilities in the school enable students to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. The English language clubs also help students to master their language.
For the overall development of students, our school provides some truly wonderful and diverse sports facilities to the students with the necessary infrastructure and amenities. We have a Cricket Pitch, Badminton Courts, Volleyball court, Basketball ground, and table tennis board. We also have Karate training for both boys and girls.
Dance and Music
The school gives the opportunity to the music smart and bodily-kinesthetic students for music and dance classes on a regular basis. We teach them modern and cultural dance, and different musical instruments such as the guitar, the violin, the tabla, the madal, and the flute.
There is the facility of the abacus in School.
School offers various cultural activities.
The School provides Karate Facility.

Our Courses

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Faculty +2 Humanities
Course 10+2 Humanities
Course Duration 2 Years
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Faculty +2 Education
Course 10+2 Education
Course Duration 2 Years
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