Everest Florida High School

New Baneshowar, Lakhechaur ,KTM , Kathmandu

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Everest Florida High School, a school that focuses on providing environment where students are encouraged and supported to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

We value high achievement making a positive contribution to the college, local bodies, national fundamental importance of the educational process helping to create global citizens who make an active and positive contribution to the nation.

We strive to ensure that every student acquires the skills, knowledge and experience that enables him/her to grow personally and professionally. We encourage students to assume responsibility and treat others with resp... See More

New Baneshowar, Lakhechaur ,KTM , Kathmandu




About College

Though Everest Florida has a short history of its establishment, it has seen remarkable growth over the period of time. And, today it is not only one of the most distinguished higher secondary co-educational institutions in the country, but is also, by many accounts, the college of first choice in Kathmandu. It boasts of a team of accomplished and renowned faculty members who have set landmark in the teaching field of the nation.

The college provides a liberal, lively and competitive environment enabling students to carve out a niche for themselves in their chosen arenas. Besides the infrastructural facilities, the strength of the college lies in its congenial and enriching atmosphere, which plays a crucial role in maintaining the excellent record the college is renowned for. Students who are groomed in this college excel in different walks of life, with the years spent in the college providing them a solid foundation on which they can craft their success. The college is committed to providing the leadership and direction for the times ahead in every sphere of human enterprise and endeavor.

Everest Florida high school is well known for almost everyone throughout Nepal. Since its establishment in 2069 B.S. it has shown the remarkable growth over the period time. And today it is one of the most distinguished educational institution in the country. It has always been striving for quality education. It stimulates students’ critical thinking and heightens their moral sensitivity. It encourages them to beseekers of truth,responsible and knowledgeable citizens  of the world facing tough competition possessed by the fast-growing advancement of science & technology in the world.

Though the courses covered are as prescribed by the NEB, the education affiliated in our delivery, do not limit ourselves. Further, learning provided through a wide variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities is one of the distinguishing features of Everest Florida program.

We provide the best available higher learning and all-round opportunities to our students, invariably the best in the country as they aspire to realize their personal talents and expand their scholastic abilities.

Above all, Everest Florida does its best to fulfill the immediate and future needs of its commendable student’s community. This leading scholastic institution sees to it as its responsibility and resolves to equip its pupil with an education that is most relevant to their society and time.

On graduation from the program, students will prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

Our Courses

Faculty +2 Science
Course 10+2 Science
Course Duration 2 Years
Course Fees NRs.0/-
Course Description
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Faculty +2 Management
Course 10+2 Management
Course Duration 2 Years
Course Fees NRs.0/-
Course Description
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Faculty +2 Humanities
Course 10+2 Humanities
Course Duration 2 Years
Course Fees NRs.-0/-
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Faculty +2 Law
Course 10+2 Law
Course Duration 2 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
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Meet Our Team

Dibyamshu Ghimire

(Chairman )

Sharad Kumar Sundar

(Managing Director )

Bhanuhari Bhandari

(Principal )

Sudist Kumar Sah

(Academic Chairman )

Mukunda Prasad Paudel

(Academic Director )


Everest Florida is at a distance of 300 m north from New Baneshwor chowk. It is just beside Bharosha Hospital. 

We offer : 

Science: Biology and Physical Group

Management: Hotel Management, Computer Science & Business Studies

Humanities : Mass Communication &  Major  English  

Law  :  all 


Keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic,

Step1. We encourage students to apply online registration through website.

Step 2. Selection through online or face to face entrance examination. 

Step3.  Selection based on interview

We  offer various  types  of  scholarship according  to the  competency and  merit  of  the  applicants.

We offer different co-curricular activities include debate, elocution, essay writing, painting, drama and project, excursions, Leadership, music and dance competition

 We offer various types of games & sports like Basketball, futsall ,mini Football, mini Cricket practice pitch, Table Tennis and Badminton & Volley ball.

Library, Canteen and Laboratories are an integral part of Everest Florida   We have transportation facility as well.