Global School of Science

Mid-Baneshwor, Basuki Marga, Kathmandu

Dr. Khagendra P Ojha


Dear Valued Students and Parents,

Thank you for your trust and interest upon Global School of Science (GSS). My inspiration behind launching of GSS is to educate a whole person for progressive career in science, engineering, medical profession and more. Personally, I believe that young people be acquainted with and follow their passion in science in order to significantly contribute for the betterment of self and communities at large.

With my sole commitment to keep my efforts persistent in responding to the academic demands of our potential students willing to build career in Science, I welcome you to... See More

Amba Datt Joshi


Dear Parents and Students,

I am delighted that Global school of Science under the ownership of Global College has taken yet another leap of success from its grand launching 2 years back, as an exclusive center of +2 science. Global School of Science has started to accommodate highly potential students seeking to pursue +2 in Science.

The new zeal bestowed by the communities of learners must have been due to our philosophy; educate young minds to be prepared as the future scientists, doctors, engineers, and also skilled workforce for prospering career. This very demand is addressed at GSS by means of red... See More

Mahabir Pun

Science Expert

Benchmarking institutions are very much sought after environments where the learner communities can significantly contribute to designing and practise science as an innovative learning process for new inventions to take place.

do believe the scholarly community of Global School of Science (GSS) has been successful to making a prodigious leap within these 2 years of establishment in delivering most valuable and practicable meaning of science materialized in learning that results in the practice of innovation. I am happy to know that GSS has been fast enough to become a model institution for science & technology.

I am... See More

Mid-Baneshwor, Basuki Marga , Kathmandu

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Pre-Registration Open for Grade XI Science (2078/2079 Intake)

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Global School of Science

"An Exclusive Center of +2 Science"

🏠 Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu

About College

Global School of Science (GSS), under the ownership of Global College of Management, is an exclusive center of +2 science which prepares every individual to be educated in science and technology and use its core subjects of intellectual significance as valuable assets for life to advance within the fast emerging technological cultures. The institution endeavors to deliver science at par the excellence of academic benchmarks having a national and international repute. Within the collaborative systems, the institution operates the science program in compliance with national curriculum also incorporating the international academic and intellectual skills prioritized at GSS for innovation in teaching-learning systems, patterns and practices. In pursuance to our commitment for academic quality in priority, we at Global School of Science appropriate multifaceted modern pedagogy in classroom that is salient in constructing academic process which should adequately encourage students to secure best performance not merely in exams but also beyond in self-generated knowledge resulting from new discoveries of thought, ideas and skills as would be ideal to shaping the 21st century citizens.

The learning environment at GSS is profound for educational process to build with academic quality conceptualized in terms of facilities, technologies and resources that are adequate enough to engage both faculty and students in practices of teaching and learning science upon the changing perspective. The classroom teaching approaches at GSS are student-centric and effectively guide the practices for students to experiment, prove and use science as a skill fostering process to successfully cope with new technology induced changes and challenges. 

Our Courses

Faculty +2 Science
Course 10+2 Science
Course Duration 2 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
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Any students willing to pursue Science studies at GSS must comply to the following:

  • The candidates should have passed SEE or its equivalent securing 2.8 GPA and above.

  • The grade requirements of specific subjects must conform to the ones set by NEB as minimum requirement: C+ in Science and Maths, D+ in English, Nepali and Social Studies.

Global School of Science is indeed the best college for science studies in Nepal due to a number of academic features and facilities along with the approaches to science education which are unique. The best features of GSS include these; very conducive and peaceful learning environment, integrated and time-tested experimental approach to teaching and learning of science, expert team of faculty with a proven track record, high-tech academic campuses prepared to exclusively operate science classes (no other programs operated in the science building), opportunity ensured for students to join pre-medical and pre-engineering preparation classes in equal frequency as regular science classes right from grade XI, laboratory and field-based practical centric project-oriented teaching-learning, plentiful skill-focused ECAs and CCAs, and many more.

Global School of Science has implemented the practical learning by conducting ECAs and CCAs (activities) with different strategies in its teaching through laboratory work, project work, presentation, trainings according to the nature and scope of subjects, and case studies. Similarly, students get rich exposure of their studies through guest lectures, field visits, educational excursion together with participating in workshop, seminars and interactions with various renowned personalities from different fields.

The cafeteria of the college is in cool environment and offers hygienic food at quite reasonable prices.

Hostel facility for students’ accommodation is available under the direct supervision of Academic Director.

Students can participate in the following indoor games:

• Chess (Boys and Girls)

• Basketball (Boys and Girls

• Badminton {Boys and Girls (Single and Double)}

• Table Tennis {Boys and Girls (Single and Double)}

• Volleyball (Boys and Girls)

Yes, there are provisions for outdoor games too. Some of them are as follows:

• Football

• Futsal

• Cricket

• Athletic

Global School of Science has been conducting numerous ECA and CCA. These programs chiefly aim at developing confidence, commitment and leadership skills in students. We strongly believe that being a crucial team player is as important as individual merits and talents. As such, students here can participate in the following programs.

  1. Sports Activities
    • GSS Sports Meet
    • GSS Summer Futsal
    • GSS Summer Basketball
    • GSS Football Tournament
    • Volleyball Competition
    • Table Tennis Competition
    • Cricket Tournament
    • Chess Competition
    • Badminton Competition
    • Road Race

  2. Intellectual Activities
    • Explore Idea
    • Result Distribution
    • Poem Competition
    • Quiz Contest
    • Career Counselling
    • Book Making Competition
    • Newspaper Making Competition
    • Speech Competition
    • Field Visits
    • Educational Excursion

  3. Cultural Activities
    • Orientation Program
    • Welcome Program
    • Farewell Program
    • Saraswoti Puja Celebration
    • Annual Picnic
    • Teacher’s Day
    • Parents/Guardians Meeting
    • Singing Competition
    • Dance Competition
    • Achievements Celebration

  4. Skill Based Activities
    • Art Competition
    • Singing Competition
    • Public Speaking Competition
    • Presentation Competition
    • Case Analysis Competition
    • Painting Competition
    • Report Writing
    • Anchoring
    • Coursera
    • Calligraphy

Please observe GSS Bus routes and areas they cover.

Route A

• Kritipur – Panga kritipur – Balkhu – Kuleswor – Kalimati – Dallu – Dhalku – Sorkhutte – amrit Science Campus – Dream garden – City Center – Maitidevi – G.S.S.


Route B

• Bhaisepati - Bhaisepati Waiwai Factroy – Ekantkunna – Jawaulakhel – Pulchok – Kupandol – UN Park – Sankhamul – New Baneswor – G.S.S.


Route C

  • LA School Imadol - GEMS - LA School – Satdobato – Gworko – Imadol Krishna Mandir – Gworko – Koteswor – KMC hospital Sinamangal – Old baneswor – G.S.S.


Route D

• Duwakot VDC Purano Thimi - Duwakot VDC – Nekosera – Purano thimi – DMPS College – CTVT – Sanothimi – Pepsicola – Jadibuti – Koteswor – New Baneswor – G.S.S.


Route E

• Bhaktapur - Dudpati – kamalbinayak – Jagati – Suryabinayk – Sallaghari – Naya thimi - Gathaghar – Kausaltar – Lokanthali – Koteswor – Baneswor – G.S.S.


Route F

• Sirutar/Balkot – Sirutar Char dobato – Balkot Chowk – Kausaltar – Jadibuti – koteswor – KMC – GSS


Route G

• Kadaghari Pepsicola - Kadaghari Mulpani - Kadaghari Gandi Chowk – Suncity apartment - Force stop – Pepsi cola – Sanothimi SOS - Back Jadibuti – Koteswor – Baneswor – G.S.S.


Route H

• Arubari Kapan - Arubari – Tinchuli - Saraswotinagar - Tenzing Chowk – Kapan Faika - Gopikrishna Hall – Chahabel – Gausala – G.S.S.


Route I

• Baluwakhani Kapan - Baluwakhani Petrol Pump– Aakasedhara Chowk – Shiva Chowk – Gopikrishna Hall – Chahabel – Nilo pool – Kalo Pool – Seto Pool – G.S.S.


Route J

• Sundarijal Makalbari Cricket Ground - Sundarijal - Makalbari – Dakshyindhoka – Mulpani Milan Chowk – Narayantar Pool – Jambudada - Khola bato – Gaurighat Pool- Mitra Park – Gausala - G.S.S.


Route K

• Kalanki chhauni Balaju - Kalanki – Sitapaila – Chhauni Army – Swayambhu – Sanobharyang – Banasthali – Balaju – Sorakhutte - Maitidevi – G.S.S.


Route L

• Thankot Matatirth - Thankot – Matatirtha - Gauthali Chowk - Naikap - Dhungeadda – Kalanki – Ravibhawan – kalimati - Teku – Tripureswor – G.S.S.


Route M

• Budanilkantha – Budanilkantha - Ghumti Chapali– Etalitar – Hattigauda – Special Chowk – Galfutar Chowk– Niuro hospital – Chakrapath – Mandikhatar – Dhumbarahi –Dhapasi Chowk - Sukedhara - Dhumbarahi Pipalbot – Ratopool – Kalopool - Setopool – G.S.S.


Route N

• Grande International Hospital - Samakhusi - Grande – greenland – Basundhara Chowk – Narayangopal Chowk – Teaching – talimkendra - Baluwatar – Naxal Bhatbhateni – Maitidevi – G.S.S.


Route O

• Nepaltar - Nepaltar Pool – Balaju Baesdhar – Baipas Balaju

As the nature and scope of the course demand, students get regular field visits, factory visits, tour, picnic, IT park visit, and so on.

GSS offers consistently updated library as the most prioritized learning resource center developed to assist teaching-learning process. The information hub comprises of texts and reference books relating to different genres of Literature, Science and Technology, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Periodicals, Journals, Magazines, Bulletins, Multimedia and Soft learning assets. Together with physical resources, the school has converted the library with an installation of advance digital and e-learning systems connected to a wide range of learning resources providing the users an unlimited access to global learning networks, web-media resources, learning platforms and virtual disseminations of scientific publications like research journals and other different media of knowledge.

Yes, of course! Each room of Global School of Science has audio-visual facility with multimedia projector along with a computer. As a rule, 10% to 20% of content of each subject is necessarily taught using multimedia projector with PowerPoint presentations.

Certainly, we value merits! The scholarships depend on various factors such as SEE GPA, entrance score and personal interview. So, we advise you to visit the college for necessary information.

Global School of Science is affiliated to NEB, Nepal.

GSS appoints highly experienced, competent and dedicated faculty members for teaching. An expert candidate scored more than 60% in master’s degree along with minimum five years of teaching experience is eligible to apply for teaching at GSS. Please check the GSS prospectus for details about the faculty and staff at GSS.

GSS reserves academically acclaimed faculties with a proven excellence to meet the academic aptitude of students. Faculty members are well-experienced and adequately qualified. Each has got more than 60% score in their master’s degree and possesses minimum five years of teaching experience. You deserve the best!

Yes, Science is a stream with a broad scope. Meaning, you can go for any subject in any streams including Science, Management, Humanities and Law for your Bachelor’s Degree. Precisely, you are qualified to choose any area of studies. Isn’t that great?

Science is a highly demanding discipline that guarantees the graduates not only of rich knowledge but also prosperous career as doctor, engineer, architect, researcher, professor and what not? Most of all, studying science equips the learner with the very basis of learning itself. That is to say, education in science also gives you science in education. Interesting!

You should first choose physical group with computer science as an elective subject.

You will not be allowed to study physics, engineering, mathematics in Bachelor’s degree if you don’t have mathematics in plus 2.

You have to choose Biology group in plus 2 in order to pursue MBBS in future.

We have all the laboratories e.g. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer labs for practical purpose. Yes, there are field visits as and when the subject matter requires. The aim is to link learning to life.

Well, it depends on your personal interest! There is no restriction for you to achieve what you long for. Briefly, Science opens up unlimited options. However, graduates of science do get the best in medical and pharmaceutical sector; civil, mechanical and IT engineering; computer and information technology sector; forestry, agriculture and herbal science, and similar other highly demanding technology sectors. Almost any!

Yes, students on completion of +2 in science are often selected for scholarship to pursue university level abroad and also in the universities running international courses in Nepal. As it’s an age of science and technology, preference appears obvious. Prioritize yourself!

Why not? There are countless career prospects in Nepal for students studying science given that you have completed education with good grades and have true ability to justify your grades. Ministry of Education and various other Embassies offer students full and partial scholarship to study Medicine, Engineering, Forestry and Agriculture courses every year. Wow!

Truly speaking, there is nothing simple and difficult. What we know is simple and what we do not know is difficult. However, studying science definitely requires greater dedication on your part as it is relatively more time consuming. As for the difficulty in subject matter, there are faculties/teachers who would not only simplify the complexities but also provide you all the support you need/desire. Nothing to panic!

In government sector, Science graduates work as doctors, nurses, medical consultants and directors of hospitals, health and environment and ministry for information technology and in their national, regional and local offices. In the non-government sector, science graduates can find a job to work in the non-government organizations (NGOs) and international non-government organizations (INGOs). In private sectors they can work as hydro engineers, agro-industry experts, chemists, doctors, IT experts and consultants, pilots, astronauts, environment experts, researchers, and many more. All your choice!

Yes, there are many fields for science graduates to explore entrepreneur career e.g. in hospital businesses, mineral industries, ICT and computer business, businesses based on food and beverage sciences and many more. Go for what you want!