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Puran Bahadur Joshi

Founder Principal

“ Education is the process by which character is formed, the strength of mind is increased, and intellect is sharpened, as a result of which one can stand on own feet. And a teacher’s sacred duty is to invoke the spirit of inquiry in his  pupils.” The given quote by Swami Vivekananda inspires me and everyone at HSM is dedicated to the principles reflected in the quote. As the head of this college, I would like to assure all the prospective students that you will find this institution a place conducive for academic pursuit. We focus on quality education and provide all the necessary opportunities for our students to e... See More



About College

Hetauda School of Management & Social Sciences (HSM) believes in transformative, innovative, and experiential education. HSM is a reputed privately-run higher education institution in Makawanpur district. Over the years we have been able to produce highly capable human resources in the field of Management, Information Technology, and Education.
We offer courses in Science and Management in Higher Secondary level. Our Undergraduate course includes a Bachelor in Business Studies to Master’s level in Science, Management, Arts, Education, and Information Technology. With the motto of “Strict Discipline, Quality Education” HSM is dedicated to imparting quality education for the development of the society

The mission of HSM is to provide an experiential design thinking platform for transforming challenges into opportunities.
HSM envisages being a preferred 21st century higher learning institution in Nepal for transformative, innovative, and experiential education.

The guiding principle of Hetauda School of Management (HSM) is “Transform the Challenges into Opportunities”.

HSM values on Positive Discipline, Integrity, Respect to Diversity, Continuous Improvement, and Sustainability.

HSM is one of the leading educational institutions of Makawanpur. You may want to consider the following while choosing a higher education school for your future.
1) Physical Infrastructure
Today, HSM boasts to have the finest physical and Information Technology(IT) infrastructure in the whole of Makawanpur meeting the benchmarks of any standard IT education institutions.
We have cutting edge labs like innovation lab, business incubation lab, communication lab, science labs, high tech computer, and electronic labs, etc.
Our students get the benefit of the biggest collection of technical and business books at our central library. The library has been modernized by adding a digital wing where students can access to international journals and digital contents.
This highly regarded school is transforming itself to meet the demands of the 21st-century IT research and education institution.
2) Management and Administrative 
Our professional management and administrative staffs are always prepared to support our students and to meet the challenges of 21st-century IT and business education. 
We have more than 50 administrative staff who support our teaching staff and students. 
3) Learning Management System 
HSM has implemented an online learning management system (LMS) with digital learning resources, to make learning fun, easy and resourceful. Most of the offered courses are managed through the LMS where students and teachers collaborate to manage teaching-learning activities.
4) Instruction Guided by Designed Thinking
At HSM, design thinking is central to all the teaching-learning experience. We deliver courses in all of the academic programs by using innovative pedagogies guided by a design thinking approach.
The approach of identifying and analyzing the challenges and conceptualizing and creating innovative solutions to design thinking has been applied to every corner of HSM business processes.
5) Human Resource 
HSM is one of the leading employers for education, technical, management, and supporting fields. Many of our graduates have the education sector and HSM in particular for their careers. 
Our Human Resource Management Unit, which was functionalized for the management and development of teaching and non-teaching human resources, is always looking out for new talents and leaders to join HSM. 
6) Extension and Expansion of programs
We have already extended our business school by adding professional programs like Certification of Chartered Accountancy to make HSM a great destination for business education. 
Recently, BCA was added to the IT programs which are offered by HSM. We are making efforts to extend our business and IT education programs to graduate and postgraduate programs. 
7) Partnership and Collaboration 
HSM, today, has build partnerships with leading organizations in Information Technology, innovation, business, entrepreneurship, research, and education. Several programs and events are organized in partnerships at HSM or elsewhere targeting our students every year. These partnerships have fostered mutual benefits to HSM and partner organizations in business development, innovation, and learning. 
8) Research and Development
Research and development are key to HSM. We have been working on several initiatives partnering with various leading partner organizations on various research projects. 

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