Modern Public High School

Surkhet Road, Nepalgnuj, Banke

Suman Gautam


"Academic expertise reflects in learners’ attainment ratings"

Modern Public High School is different from other institutions in many ways. Firstly, the teachers at this institution are qualified and renowned as they are the excellent lecturers of Mahendra Multiple Campus (TU). It is the standalone institution whose entire founders/promoters are M.Sc. degree holders and other senior teachers of MM Campus are also tutoring here. So, it has been recognized as the best Science +2 college in this region. 
Secondly, our education impartation is so impeccable that it enables our learners to receive a range... See More

Surkhet Road, Nepalgnuj , Banke


About College

Modern Public High School carries a legacy of 21 years’ academic excellence. Established in 2042BS, and upgraded in 2053 BS to +2 level, it is committed to providing a world-class education to its pupils. Managed by a group of energetic, enthusiastic, highly experienced professionals and management experts of the Mid-western region, it is stranded distinctly from a crowd of academic institutions. Since it prepares students to be innovative and dynamic in pursuit of their rewarding careers, +2 education at Modern PHS has become the major choice of the students. 

The +2 management committee expresses hearty gratitude to its valued parents/guardians for their continued support, advice, feedback, and warm affection they have shown for plus two education. Therefore, the school management is confident that their invaluable support will continue in the future as well.

The program offered at the school is integrated into the rigorous expertise of the renowned faculty of Mahendra Multiple Campus, which shows the best examination upshots. It enables learners to be competitive and employable in the global job market. 

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