Parijat English Boarding School

Banganga-7, Bangain, Kapilvastu, Kapilvastu

Krishna KC

Founder Principal

PARIJAT; a flavored flowering garden, where various species of buds bloomed and spread its glamorous scenario on its surrounding since its formal seed plantation. Now it has developed its tremendous shelter of knowledge where its dearest students, parents, and service consumers are feeling mildness of its effective service. So, it is a shrine sphere where meets the dreamers 'DREAM for genuine success.
A Tropical plant of PARIJAT has been cultivated on fertile and well-hydrated soil and it has been stored sufficient oxygen which has been providing harmoniously to its service consumers and has made them feel refresh and comfort on... See More

Banganga-7, Bangain, Kapilvastu , Kapilvastu


About College

Parijat English Boarding School is a co-educational English medium school that was founded in 2057. It was envisioned as a school that teaches children to be global citizens while still retaining their Nepali roots and values. The school has always been at the forefront of modern teaching methodologies and is well equipped with the latest educational aids and technologies. The school believes in providing our students with knowledge-based skills that help pave a path towards their unlimited possibilities and potentials.

In our curriculum, students are encouraged to engage in discussions that are very relevant in global significance and transcend the confines of traditional educational boundaries. At Pajita, we seek to ensure that our students apply their theoretical learning into their practical lives, be appreciative of their past, and optimistic about their future. To make sure that we achieve our goals, we have a vast infrastructure that is well equipped with the most technical tools and manpower to cater to the modern field of education.

Infrastructures and Facilities:

  • A computer laboratory with unlimited internet access.
  • A library with various references, textbooks, journals, magazines, daily newspapers, and electronic resources.
  • A canteen with hygienic food and reliable price.
  • Spacious, comfortable, and well-furnished classroom.
  • Well equipped teaching facilities with whiteboards, markers, slide projectors, audio-visual equipment.
  • Transportation facility.
  • Students and parents council.
  • Various sports equipment for indoor and outdoors games. 
  • Apparently greenish sphere with a pleasant garden.              

Our Courses

Faculty +2 Management
Course 10+2 Management
Course Duration 2 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
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Faculty +2 Humanities
Course 10+2 Humanities
Course Duration 2 Years
Course Fees NRs./-
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