Our benchmark is world class education which is integrated with our exceptional tutoring-Dr. Rajendra KC

Southwestern State College has been able to stand as a unique institution in terms of quality academic services, good management and a faculty of prodigious teachers, which are the convincing factors for most students and parents. Therefore, it has carved out a niche to ensconce itself to be a top-notch institution in very short span of time.

Dr. Rajendra KC is the founder principal at Southern State College, who is also the president of Private Colleges’ Association-Nepal. Here is a brief discussion with such an inspiring personality who revealed secrets to success, plans and exciting events that generate in students lasting-passion for learning. Excerpts:

Could you share with us the contributions of South Western State College to the arena of education in Nepal?

We are bound by the curricula and examination system of the Nepal Government. So, we cannot change the curricula and examinations pattern, but we can introduce exciting teaching and learning activities to each classroom. South Western State College has adopted advanced teaching approaches to impart globally acclaimed education. We focus on producing job creators rather than job doers; therefore, the college has been preparing globally employable adept human resources that are equipped with innovations and flexibility. Our graduates have shown jaw-dropping performances in global economy. So, we have been able to dispatch a large number of graduates who have carved out a niche as influential entrepreneurs.

You have been successful in retaining equilibrium between staff members and quality education. What things should be considered significant in the workplace?

In the context of Nepal, working in team is some sort of challenging. We lack practice of team work that eventually impedes our progressive pace. Every team member should be actively involved in achieving team goals. If there is financial transparency and a flow of information delivery, we can easily prevail on any conundrums and embrace phenomenal successes.

What was the purpose of establishing Southwestern State College, and how much have you accomplished so far?

We had a long-run vision for ten years that we developed eight years back. We are driven by our slogan and committed to accomplishing our tasks. Our main vision was to establish a university in ten years, and we are ready if government authorizes private sector to establish a university.

Would you describe world class facility in Southwestern State College?

Everyone should get same quality of education and health facility. Education system should not be different for different nations. Regardless of nationality, everyone should get equal and same standard of education so that one will not have to face differences while visiting another country. Procedure of teaching methodology, idea sharing, infrastructure, exams, attendance, group discussion, multimedia, presentation, relaxation etc. should be same and our maximum prior is quality enhancement. Our teaching methodology has been internationally recognized, so our students won’t face any difficulties during their higher studies and visits in a foreign land. Our graduates always venerate our educational mechanisms that meet the global standard.

How infrastructure affects education for quality deliverance?

Quality relies on several factors. Infrastructure is one of them. Information Technology, well-stocked library and laboratories are essentials of quality education. Our college has a management lab, which is a rare privilege in other colleges in Nepal. Similarly, science laboratories and hotel management laboratory are the hard-earned assets to our institution. Our auditorium hall with a capacity of 500 people is sufficient for seminars and conferences. In addition, we have three star level cafeteria, which signifies that education system is not only for teaching and learning activities and scoring higher grades in examinations rather it is more of personality development under state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our exceptional tutoring teaches our pupils how to do fishing rather than giving them fish to eat for a day. We conduct supplementary subjects such as yoga, meditation and personality development. We make our students learn biographies of successful people. All in all, our strategy of teaching is different from other institutions.

How is Southwestern State College different from other colleges?

The education system in Southwestern State College differs from other institutions’ education delivery. We make the students study hard and develop their personality. To corroborate its academic excellence, South Western is an ISO certified college. We teach students to overcome life’s fiascos. We ensure that our students that they not only pass their examinations with phenomenal results but also learn how to become global citizens and contribute to the world. Moreover, our earthquake resistant building is a safe haven for learning. Therefore, we rarely compare Southwestern State College with other colleges with regard to quality education and infrastructural development. Students can acquire a global education at Southwestern State College.

Could you possibly unveil your vision and further plans?

I think we are at forefront of our contemporaries. We don't want to be limited in curriculum; we want our students to discover beyond their curriculum approaches. Our efforts adhere to the preparation of our pupils to fit globally. Moreover, we are moving ahead with new vision and plans. I have visited top colleges of the world including Harvard, Cambridge etc. and we can implement same education system in our country as well. Acknowledging modern trends of education development, we enable our learners to be familiar with such trends. Moreover, we encourage our students to be job creators rather than job seekers. So, we not only espouse our students to acquire appealing qualifications also bestow on them career development ideas to make them independent.

The latest datum shows that about 70% of students choose ten-plus-two education upon their SEE graduation. In your opinion, what are the reasons behind the increasing trend of student enrollment in this program?

There are no multiple choices for students after the SEE. In the absence of multiple course choices for students in higher education, the ten-plus-two program in Nepal incorporates around 90% of total SEE graduates. In addition, in the context of Nepal, both parents and students are deprived of choosing the best option amid course choices in ten-plus-two level. So, until we are able to provide a wide range of options for SEE graduates, only ten-plus-two education will be the ultimate destination of most SEE graduates in Nepal, which sounds appallingly dismal.

People believe that ten-plus-two education is a determining factor of one’s award-winning career. How far do you agree or disagree with this proposition?

It is a general assumption that ten-plus-two education is a determinant of future careers of the SEE graduates; but it is not absolutely veracious as we have witnessed that students can switch their faculty in higher level. For an instance, a ten-plus-two student of science stream can switch his/her faculty to management in bachelor or master’s level. Similarly, a student of management stream in ten-plus-two level can be shifted to Humanities stream in higher levels. It’s trending now in Nepal because of lack of proper counseling at the time of enrollment in ten-plus-two program. This could be true teenagers themselves cannot confidently decide on which career is suitable for them. In addition, teacher’s influence, peer pressure, family obligations, false adverts and graffiti can lead those perplexed pursuers to tumultuousness.

What factors should be kept in mind while choosing a right college and faculty in Grade 11?

Teenage students are not mature enough to decide on a right faculty and college. They are mostly guided by bogus adverts and inauthentic information from their seniors. If any students choose the subject after being influenced by their peer group, family members and teachers, they are likely to go downhill through a cascade of debacles. So, the inborn rights of students, their receptive capacity and aspiration should be taken into consideration while giving them any advice/ counseling. With regard to student enrollment procedure, South Western State College doesn’t compel students to study any particular subjects rather it lets them decide on faculty and subjects on their own discretion. In addition, we give visiting students multiple choices and proper counseling before enrollment. So, they are completely free to choose the faculty of their interest.

What are your suggestions for SEE graduates vis-à-vis selection of a right college for enrollment in Grade 11?

Students should analyze the following things before their enrollment in ten-plus-two level: history of college, student pass rate, good faculty, stability of college, types of curricular and extra-curricular activities etc. Finally, I suggest that they’d better choose an ISO certified college like South Western State College for the assurance of a secure career upon their graduation.